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Jaces Construction Materials Trading is one of the fastest growing construction materials trading in the philippines and one of top supplier in field of formwork scaffolding and building materials to provide high quality materials needed in construction industry. Since 2017 the company has been providing solution in construction materials industry. It also provides always strives to serve its customers so as to ensure their access to the most powerful and best safe solutions.



Scaffolding System is one of the safest and strongest access solution available. They suite a range of application and industries and provide better work place safety and increase productivity. Our Service is fast, efficient and timely. We offer a variety of solution that include: Light Weight Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding, Mobile Stairway Towers, Foldable Narrow Towers and Combination Tower.

Scaffolding Accessories

We provide wide range of high quality of Scaffolding Accessories available for all your residential and commercial needs any time any where any building.

Dismantling of Scaffolding

Field of construction and care about safety and and prevention in the work place. we specialize in the design. crection and dismantling of scaffolding and conversion of tires related piping and fitting : nin-standard work at heights using the from the walls of the load-bearing support structures inside the buildings. anti lnstallation networks to fall for men.


We maintains an extensive range of Aluminum Scaffolding right across Philippines you can be sure we will deliver the best Aluminum Scaffolding for hire in your area.

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